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Like you have internet today, Aksha is your inner-net. It is one of the five elements that registers everything about the existence- Beliefs, Emotions, Intent, Action, Karma & Past Lives. By changing your Beliefs, You can Heal Your Life!

Meet Our Therapist

Karishma M.

Founder & Master Instructor at Inner Freedom

An MBA Grad, with over a decade of corporate experience, Karishma is the Founder and Master Instructor at Inner Freedom. After designing countless training programs for corporates, she now conducts various courses that can help people re-write their life script. Karishma is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA) and is well versed with concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Serenity Surrender, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, NLP etc. Her zest to understand more on Life Script has led her to explore deeper concepts of Life Between Lives and study Soul Contracts. Her passion to help people heal themselves made her develop a series of workshops that has the power to transform and empower them to live the life they truly deserve.

Our Speciality Is:

We help people transform their life!

Our aim is to touch one million lives. We support people to manifest love & abundance.


"The workshop was self-revealing. The concepts were easy and made crystal clear by the Trainer. Karishma is amazing, she is full of creator's energy. Amazing that she is! The workshop was consistently practical, full of hands-on exercises. Loved every bit of it!"


"Excellent Workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence. Awesome tools! I feel two days are less to appreciate fully the beauty of this course. Karishma is an awesome trainer. Great Job!"

Sachin Jain

"Like water she flows…I had the opportunity to attend Meditation for light body activation by Karishma. This was my first such experience and got to learn a lot of about chakras and higher chakras. Though the audience was a bunch with mixed experience, Karishma made sure that even the basics were clear to all. She handled all the queries very well and to everybody's satisfaction. The workshop was divided into 3 parts, the first one was to learn about basic 7 chakras, new model of 12 chakra system, the second part was experiencing the intense meditation with crystals, in this part I was too able to feel the energy of crystals and their interaction with the chakras. And third and final part was question / answer / discussion time. I am definitely looking forward to attend advanced meditation workshops and similar program." 


“During a recent session with Karishma, we were able to pinpoint some critical issues that were really holding me back and weighing heavily on my heart. What really surprised me was Karishma’s ability to tell me about aspects of my life that I hadn’t really shared with anyone! She was also able to help me isolate these feelings and send dissipating energy to release them, so I could create positive goals and desires. It was amazing, and she is clearly gifted. I highly recommend the experience!”


“Working with Karishma in her Healing sessions, I am always impressed by her ability to effortlessly zero in on challenges and blockages.  With her strong powers of empathy, she can detect the inner yearnings and the sources of deep-seated feelings. By the end I am always energized, and I feel a lightness in my breathing, movement and energy.This work has a very powerful effect on us.  It is hard to describe, but it is unmistakably healthy and healing for the body and the spirit.”


“A highly intuitive, compassionate Healing practitioner, Karishma uses her performance and communication skills to guide you through self-awareness and processing even the darkest areas with kindness. We have worked together for a few months and I have seen results in very practical terms. My situation has shifted and I’m very thankful for her help.”


"I always wanted to know why it happened to me? After the Cognitive Behavioural Interview, Karishma Ji connected with my Akashic Records.The lessons that were to be learnt from my life changing situation rather came to me as a surprise. Initially though I was reluctant to accept, but what Mam said truly resonated with my core. I did the exercies she told me for a week and I can already see the difference in my emotional state."


"I attended  Healing with Akashic Records. I was surprised to realize how our thoughts and core beliefs create our reality. What more surprised me is how these events are registered in our cellular memory and passed from one generation to another. Intrigued to understand more, I also took personal therapy session with her. Aakshic records reveal so much more than I thought I would have ever known about my Soul  journey!"


"I have been going to a lot of therapists after my daughter’s divorce. I was not able to accept her fate. During the cognitive interview with Karishma, I realized how her divorce triggered my own innate fears of being left out alone to survive in this world and guilt for not being able to do anything to save her from the disaster. Within three sessions, I was able to heal myself. I am now able to develop a fulling mother-daughter relationship with her."


"Everything about the workshop seemed to be logical and meaningful. The trainer was absolutelt clear about all the concepts and explained even tricky concepts in simple terms. Many many questions wre asked by the group andKarishma was able to clear all the doubts. She gave personal attention to each and every person. Could not find any flaw."


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